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Discussion on: Algolia is OUT! Elasticsearch is IN!

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Ben Halpern

It's really exciting to be on an open technology, generally vendor agnostic, and installable on our local machines.

I chose Algolia years ago for its remarkable performance, ease of use, and quality of client libraries. Those things are all true so I don't want anyone to see this as too black-and-white. Algolia is a fabulous tool. But as we need to evolve, this is. a big stepβ€”of course, for developer experience, but also giving us more tools to work with in building a tremendously powerful tool together.

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🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 Awesome.

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Thanks for this comment Ben. We made a similar choice for Flotiq, unlike most other headless CMSes we decided to incorporate ES into our API, so that developers can use its powers.

I would really love to learn a bit more about the motivation, what were the particular features you guys thought are most important and why.