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This Week in Code, for the Week of Sep 19-25

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In case you missed any of this, here are some of this week's most notable links for the past week as I saw it.

Homebrew hits 1.0.0

TypeScript hits 2.0.0

MIT License Line-by-Line

I Stopped Contributing To Stackoverflow, But It's Not Declining — This is a direct rebuttal to year-old article that resurfaced on the Internet this weekend, The Decline of Stack Overflow

The Curious Case of the Switch Statement

Why I'm Not a React Native Developer

What it Costs to Run Let's Encrypt — This is a good display of transparency from the organization. What stands out to everybody is the 2.06M cost for staffing eight full-time employees. It goes to show how expensive staffing in this industry can be depending on needs. It is possible that this number is too high, but making this information public ensures the organization stands up to scrutiny.

Akamai kicked journalist Brian Krebs' site off its servers after he was hit by a 'record' cyberattack

Firefox is eating your SSD - here is how to fix it — FireFox seems to be aware of the issue, but fixing it is easier said than done.

How does Google know where I am?

Google Search Results are Officially AMP'd — Google introduced incentive to use AMP for news organizations to adopt AMP or lose out on being part of the news results carousel. Now some of that incentive is coming to general search results, whether developers like it or not. I'd say opinion is fairly mixed on all of this.

Oracle's Cloudy Future

Laws of Performant Software

Yahoo says hackers stole data from 500 million accounts in 2014


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