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Discussion on: Why you should reinvent the wheel

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Adrian B.G. • Edited

There are a few examples that comes to mind, where they made a new wheel, and it was a better one in the end.

Kubernetes was made by and with Google Borg (their internal equivalent tool) knowledge and developers, to be made open source, and with new features and issues fixed (that were not in their tool).

Kafka was made even if other similar tools existed for years and were mature (see *MQ tools).

If everyone would have used the libssh, many services would have been screwed.

I know that a few big companies like Amazon started to even build their own SSL tools after some vulnerabilities appeared in the open source world. Indeed OpenSSL quality was very low (no tests)

MariaDB is a fork of MySQL, and they solved many tech issues (some of which mysql does not and some only in the enterprise version), and also updated their license so no other evil corporation can hurt it in the future, like Oracle did.

Bottom line, there are a couple strong reasons, as the article stated too

  • to learn it
  • to make a new better version

But ... 99% of the people who get this reply they are just wasting their resources in build an worst wheel for the wrong reasons.

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Nathanael Demacon Author

I agree with you, peoples should not totally reinventing the wheel for a serious project, I think they should improve it, if they want too btw.