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OrangeScape’s Famous Writer’s Workshop

Writers’ workshop started out as an experiment to bring out the voice of Orangescape Engineers. 3 workshops down and now it has become a part of our culture. We have a workshop every 6 months, where people sign up for a 2-day workshop followed by a #100DaysChallenge. If you are planning to join OrangeScape in near future this is one of the things that you should never miss.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone who wants to write but holds back from writing because of the following reasons

  1. Fear of writing
  2. Fear of judgment
  3. Going blank
  4. Not sure of what to write
  5. Unsure of where to start
  6. Any other shells that prevent them from writing

What did we get out of it?

A two-day retreat

The workshop happens in a resort; far, far away from the office. This setup ensures that people constantly feel the urge to just write and nothing else.

Great food

With great resort, comes great food.

A super active crazy brain

Now, you are surrounded by a bunch of people who passionately write. Bunch of people who are there to help you through difficulties

If this is not going to motivate you, I don’t know what else will

A lot of blogs Ideas

Remember the super active brain I told you about? It is going to keep pumping out ideas throughout the workshop.

A lot of friends

Writing makes people shed their guard and expose a version of their true self. Tell me if there could be an easier way to strike a conversation with someone than saying “Hey I read your blog and it’s amazing!”

A version of yourself you never knew about

This is something new. By writing blogs and reading other peoples’ work, your knowledge base will grow and you will find yourself evolving into a better person.

Why a workshop? Why not just write?

Just like you, all of us had problems when it comes to writing. People who pushed themselves to write had trouble publishing it. Those who published it had a problem staying consistent. Every one of us gets stuck at some point or the other.

Neil Miller had put all his efforts to impart deep insights and quick hacks that will get us through our hurdles and self-doubts.

How long is the workshop?

The workshop starts at 10 AM on a Saturday morning and goes until 5 PM where Neil deconstructs various hurdles and offer quick hacks to overcome them. At the end of the session, people would have come up with 30+ ideas to write. And most of them would have their first blog nearly ready.

The rest of the night through the morning people put their muse to work and do as much writing as possible. Because those who make good use of this time will breeze through the next 100 Days.

100 days??? What now?!

Yes, the writer’s workshop is the beginning of a 100Day writing challenge. For the next 100 days, we all get into a conference room in our office. There, we brainstorm, ideate, write, and publish blogs.

I am taking up the 100DaysOfWriting Challenge for the second time now. The first time,It exposed everything I had in me. This time I hope it shapes me into a better person.

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