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January App Mining Results: Meet The New Faces In The Top 10

Congratulations to January’s App Miners! The latest run saw the addition of new App Reviewer, TryMyUI and 13 new decentralized Blockstack applications. Graphite stayed steady at the top while the rest of the top 10 saw more changes, meet some of the new entrants to the top 10 below and browse the full rankings here.

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Meet the new faces in the top 10

DPAGE Publish web content on the decentralized internet

“Combine videos, images and social media posts from the web to create webpages. Keep your pages private and encrypted or make them public.”

Create a free, censorship-proof web page in five minutes. Give a try!

— dpage (@dpageio) January 17, 2019

Sundly Decentralized Personal Health Records

Sundly believes you should own and be in full control of your health records.

Friendly reminder: You can import your Apple Health records into Sundly 💛

— Sundly (@getsundly) January 21, 2019

Check out Sundly’s roadmap for more.

Mevaul Private, Encrypted and Distributed storage that just works

“Built on Blockstack, Mevaul is a file storage and sync service that helps you store your personal and private files securely. It uses Blockstack and Gaia storage under the hood to give you true data privacy.”

My thoughts on Mevaul on @ProductHunt

— Akso (@theAkso) January 16, 2019

Check out Mevaul’s roadmap for more.

More decentralized apps are being built everyday – you’ll be meeting even more in next month’s run. If you want more security, more privacy, and data portability, every single one of these is worth a try.

Developers: Submit your applications by February 1st to be included in the next ranking. You can learn to build a dapp in an hour or less and start App Mining with the Zero-to-Dapp tutorial.

Lifetime earnings of January 2019’s top 5 applications

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I started looking at Blockstack and dApps and the concept is cool, but it became quickly apparent to me that, even with the app mining thing, "get rich quick" should realistically not be your goal. Only the top of the top 10 make any amount of money worth mentioning, and to get there you not only need to build a super high quality app, but you also need to market it. The latter is where (probably) the biggest obstacle is for most devs, because generally they're not that interested in marketing. But, again, the concept interests me enough to delve deeper into it.