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How to Root LG Stylo 2 Device With PC?

Guide To Root LG Stylo 2 Device

As you know, before installing recovery, you need to root your device. You don't need any PC/laptop to root the LG Stylo 2 device. Just follow our steps to root LG Stylo 2 without a PC.

Vital Steps

These steps are the same for installing recovery and rooting. You need to enable the developer option and also Unlock OEM unlock. Now you're good to go.

Steps To Root LG Stylo 2 Without PC

  • First, Download the latest magisk zip.
  • Switch off your LG Stylo 2 Device and boot into the recovery mode.
  • Now Press and hold the volume up + Power button, and don't leave until you see the boot logo. And always note down, don't release the volume up buttons until the TWRP mode open in the device.
  • Next, Tap on install and select the downloaded magisk zip file.
  • Now your device screen will look like this below screenshot.

As you'll see, the button on your screen, i.e., "Swipe to confirm flash," Right! Just Swipe up, and you're done. Congrats, you have successfully Root your LG Stylo 2 device. You clear the first barrier to install recovery. Hope you enjoy this article.

Wait a bit, This is not the only way to root your lg stylo 2 device. you can try more methods in order to root your device.

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Safe Box Guide

You can also root stylo 2 device without PC using one click root.

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