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Ideal workflow to start a new site from a blank canvas?

I am trying not to go back into tutorial purgatory and have been working from scratch on new projects.

In order to up my HTML and CSS skills, I found a website (made in Wordpress) that I am attempting to mimic with HTML, SCSS, and JS.

My first thought is, why don't I get all of the content marked up in HTML first and then I can tackle the CSS to make it look like the original. This started off well enough, but as I scrolled through the example site, I realized the page is SUPER long and has a lot of different sections/content.

Now looking back at all the HTML I wrote and my CSS-less page, I'm wondering if this workflow is correct, wrong, or just plain confusing.

Is there a standard way of starting projects that are used in a production environment?

Did I just make my life/learning more difficult by not styling each section on the way down the page? I feel like I can do it, but now with the sheer amount of HTML I have, it looks like it's going to take a hot minute to style.

Any tips/advice on workflow (Am I even using the right word here?) for starting new projects from scratch?

Looking back at everything I did, all I can think in the back of my head is:

planes trains and automobiles gif


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