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Jobs Needed for the Web Creation Process


Building a website does not require years of studying with tools and resources available online today. Whether you are interested in launching a personal blog, an eCommerce store, or an online community for followers and fans, there are a few jobs to keep in mind that are necessary throughout the web creation process.


Web Development


Let’s look into this comparison of front end vs back end web development. Front end development is quite different than backend development, as it requires less programming knowledge and more focus on the overall appearance of a website or online presence. Front end developers are well-versed in classic programming languages such as HTML 5, PHP, and CSS, providing them with more flexibility while digging into the creative side of a website. Backend programmers are familiar with languages that are less prevalent when it comes to building the layout and design of a website. Some of the skills backend developers have include knowledge of MySQL, database creation/editing, and other languages such as Ruby, C++, C, Java, and JavaScript. Backend developers specialize in building the structure of websites while implementing plugins and ensuring the website loads and runs properly at all times.


Web/Graphic Designer


Web and graphic designers differ from developers as not all designers have the ability to code and program the backend of a website. Graphic and web designers are familiar with the latest trends in design and implement website layouts that are mobile-friendly and responsive. Responsive design is extremely important today as users access the web with mobile phones and tablet devices in addition to traditional laptops and desktop computers.


Graphic and web designers are also well-versed in color theory and know how to implement color schemes that reflect specific brands and businesses best. Choosing the right layout is much easier when working alongside web and graphic designers. Knowing how to appeal to your target audience and the demographic you intend to reach is essential when you have plans to scale your website and online presence.


Content Creation


Before launching your website and going live, consider the content you currently offer and how you intend to create more. Content creation and content marketing are extremely important in most industries and markets, whether you are simply running an informative blog or if you are selling products of your own. Without content, users may find it difficult to have a reason to return to your website or make a purchase. If you are not interested in developing all of the content of your website, consider working with a freelance blogger or writer to curate content consistently for those who have a genuine interest in supporting your website or business.


SEO Specialist


Working with an SEO, or search engine specialist, is highly recommended when you want to ensure as much success as possible for your website. SEO specialists work to boost your website's URL within the first pages of today's top search engines (Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and even Bing). SEO specialists determine the right keywords and formatting of a website to help users find your website and the content they are looking for much easier and in less time.


Internet Marketer


Internet marketing is a key element involved in creating a successful website. Using internet marketing provides you with the opportunity to share your website's content and products with any market you want to reach. Use both PPC (pay-per-click) ad solutions from Google AdWords in addition to social media marketing to maximize your online reach. Solutions such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads provide in-depth metrics and results for each campaign you test and launch.


Understanding what creating and launching a website entails is a way to save time while developing your website and moving forward with your intended plans. With a thorough understanding of the different jobs that are necessary to build a website from scratch, feel comfortable with and confident in the decisions you make as you begin the process.


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