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How to create a testnet account on Flow 🚀

  1. Open a new terminal or go to and sign in, then create a new Bash sandbox. bash
  2. Type sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL" inside flow cli command
  3. Click the green button to execute the code that will install the Flow CLI. execute code
  4. On the console type flow keys generate > to save your keys 🗝️ to a file. generate keys from the console
  5. Click on Code, then Files, open and copy the text below Public Key 🗝️. Store your private and public key somewhere safe before deleting this file in order to protect your keys. open file with your keys
  6. Visit the Flow faucet to paste the public key 🗝️ on the Public Key field and submit the form to create your account.
    flow fauce

  7. Congratulations! if you followed the previous steps you shall see your testnet account address on the screen. Click on View Account to see your account information on Flow View Source.

testnet account created
Testnet account information available at Flow View Source.
flow view source

Challenge: Fund your account again through the faucet by clicking the Fund account button and entering your testnet account address. Then search the address on Flow View Source and verify that your balance was bumped 1000 FLOW.

challenge solution

🚀 Get started building on Flow reading the documentation or try Cadence on the playground.

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