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Biology and dichotomous key

I'm old: I can't live with 20 year ago tools used in biology and botany.

When I was young they teach me ho to identify an unknown plant: open a guide a follow a dichotomous key.

Now I can do the same in a lot of different ways:

But sometimes I have some old time questions:

  • What is the key difference between this two plants ?
  • This plant is more similar to Rosacese or Saxifragaceae ?

Botanic guides are fat books: Flora d'Italia is composed by three volumes. A lot of pound to take with you for a trip in the nature.

So I produced a project FiorieChiavi (FlowersAndKeys) github to present my favorite dichotomous key on:

The project uses php, mysql, cordova and pandoc; the hardest part is the data entry. Now it is completed at 80%: it will take another year to collect all the data.

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