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How to make a Lean Canvas with MarkDown

callas1900 profile image r_tanaka ・1 min read

I like to write lean canvases as idea notes. It is good to organize information about a new product or new something.
I know the best way to make the lean canvas is hand-writing with A3 paper. However, sometimes I want it on digital tools.
Besides, I love markdown and crafting something by writing markdown, such as the "marp".
(marp is markdown presentation maker).

Meet mdCanvas

mdCanvas is a very nice naming. I instantly understand this is it.

how to confirm it works or not.

git clone
cd mdCanvas
  1. You can find a HTML file named mdCanvas.html.
  2. Open it by FireFox (current version only support this browser).
  3. In case you can open with an error, no problem. But if you face the error, please move to the next step.

how to stop CORS error.

Long story short, CORS is one of the security errors. Turning it off includes potential risk.

  1. Open the firefox tab. Then input about:config in URL text box.
  2. On the about:config, There is search box. Let's input string security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy.
  3. Change the value to false.

how to make your markdown file

  1. Make a new markdown file by copying
  2. Open mdCanbvas.html with query parameter, md=filename

open /mdCanvas.html?md=project

have fun!

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