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Carlos Eguiluz Rosas
Carlos Eguiluz Rosas

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First "BIG BOI" Project

"Developed a database-backed website for managing Columbia’s Engineering Outreach Programs. Visualized both participation and geolocation data using Bokeh, jQuery, and Google Maps API. Designed, prototyped and deployed using PostgreSQL, Django, and AWS."
-- My Master's Resume LOL

First "BIG-BOI" independent project where I decided to not take the easy road and embark on a journey of learning (more about) Django, Docker, AWS, and Data Visualization. It was a FUN experience with lots of nights of me trying to perfectly center a div JAJAJA.

@Carlos-From-2020: This was your best and most rewarding project during undergrad. Continue learning and have fun! :)

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Carlos Eguiluz Rosas

I forgot to follow the template guideline LOL Please don't disqualify me from the Tier 2 Reward 👉👈 🥺