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UIPath - RPA

  1. Launch your UIPath Studio.
  2. Open Design Tab and Select Sequence Template. Alt text of image
  3. Name Your Sequence Project Name and Click Create. Alt text of image
  4. Go to Your Activities Panel, Search for the Open Browser. Alt text of image
  5. Drag your Open Browser and Type Into INPUT from Activities Panel to Project Panel and Enter the URL. Alt text of image
  6. Select “Indicate element inside browser” , before that lunch your Bing Search Engine.
  7. Select the Bing Search Input Box. Alt text of image
  8. Enter the Word that you want to Search in the Input "MVP Award" Alt text of image
  9. Press F5 to launch the application. At First the Chrome Browser will launch and go to Bing Search Engine,after that the "MVP Award Keyword" will auto enter into Bing Search Engine.

To be continue.

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