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Hey Marco,

Good question!

I'm the kind of guy who plays all the available characters in a video game and never gets to be a "pro" at any of them. Sure, I might not be super special, but the general knowledge I get from trying all of them helps me in the long run. But this may or may not apply for programming languages, I guess it might depend on the person itself.

Based on my experience, I would recommend finding some documentation, videos or courses about ONE language and don't look back. I love the way Mosh Hamedani teaches in his Udemy courses and that motivated me to finish all the 3 C# courses (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and I don't think I'll ever have a way to repay him how much I learned from him.

Now that I have a higher level of understanding of how things work in C# I can apply them to my day to day work, in which I mainly use Java, because even tho it may not have all the features C# does, I can almost always find the "Java-Way" of doing the same thing, which most importantly improves your research abilities a lot.


You reminded me of an essay I wrote that talked about how knowing other languages (idioms) makes the subsequent easier to learn. Us humans can only learn by comparing the new stuff with the one we already know.

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