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Cloud 9 Install

In this module we will learn how to run a simple to read and run shell script, which basically clones, install and runs the well-known Cloud9 IDE for multi-language programming and testing. This only works with UNIX Based Operating Systems.


1. Clone Repo :

Ok so let's begin this awesome journey by clicking here, which will redirect you to the master tree for the python scripts, feel free to use any tool you want to clone or simply click on the download button or you can copy the git clone url and use the git clone {repo_url} command if you feeling fancy.

2. Run Install Script :

After you have successfully cloned the repo, change your directory to the folder and there you will find a file named This file is what we will run to setup the environment for us. Ok now head to your terminal if you not already there and run this command

sudo bash {repo_folder}/
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As the command is processing you will get specific feedback on where it has reached. Upon completion the command will boot up the Cloud9 IDE and all you have to do now is to copy the url and paste it in your preferred browser and voila!.

7. Run After Restart :

Now that you are a pro at running scripts, you are probably thinking of how you are going to boot up your Cloud9 IDE after you reboot your computer... no worries. In the folder you cloned above there is another file named, this is what you can edit and then whenever you reboot you can simply run it from where its located on your computer. Now open this file in your favourite editor, scroll to the end and look for /var/www, this uses the absolute path of your project directory, replace this part of the code with your project directory and save. Now put the file anywhere you prefer on your computer. After every reboot simply open your terminal and run

sudo bash {cloud9.sh_file_location}/
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that's all!, Happy coding!.

8. Error Logs :

Great!, you are all done and probably coding 1000's of lines of code. Anyway if you have or faced any issues following the steps above that you cannot fix no worries, e-mail me or visit my website and please remember to be thorough in telling me exactly what went wrong, thanks for your time, Happy Coding!

Code Repo:

GitHub logo Open-Clonne / scripts

All scripts for automation purposes


Micro automation scripts written to aid in quick installs and social testing with docker integration.

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