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It's very hard for me to recommend bootcamps as a single source of education. As someone who did one with very little prior knowledge of coding it honestly was an extremely frustrating experience and I had a very difficult time trying to find the type of job they said I'd be able to get. To get a good job in tech as an engineer you really need to know about asymptotic notation, various algorithms, and advanced data structures which they typically dont teach you about. The methodology behind most bootcamps based on my experience is that you learn by making and breaking and googling... None of which you will be able to do during a code interview. They never teach you how to formulate code from your mind it's typically "find the answer on google" So you're stuck always looking for tutorials for every solution you need. I think bootcamps are best suited for traditional college students already studying comp sci who need a portfolio of projects, since you typically don't get that out of a traditional college experience. Bootcamps are great portfolio builders but that's about it. You really need a good understanding of comp sci fundamentals/ algorithms and they just don't give you that knowledge. - This being said I am now pursuing a masters degree in comp sci and feel much more competent. Being able to pair the two experiences will set me up for success.


IMHO — What you're pointing to is a flaw deeply embedded in the interviewing process (which is a different topic).

Making and breaking and googling is what I do in my dev job. I do have a CS background, but I haven't once thought about advanced data structures. I just trust that Ruby will pick the best one for me.

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