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Reasons to Master JavaScript (and How To)

JavaScript is one of the finest programming languages. It is the number one programming language when it comes to the number of repositories on GitHub, as it can be used to create almost anything related to frontend or backend.

JavaScript popularity is also seen on other educational platforms, such as LiveEdu, where streamers have created more than 40,000 videos and 2900 projects. That’s a lot!

JavaScript came into existence in 1995 and was designed by Brendan Eich. The programming language is now maintained by a team of experts and has been standardized as a specification, which gets updated from time to time.

Why Are Developers Passionate About JavaScript?

JavaScript is a heavily paid programming language. If you are good at JavaScript, you can get around $110,000 yearly in the US. That’s a lot! Also, JavaScript is a fun programming language to learn. You can use it to develop both frontend and backend applications. It is also readily used in game development, design and other unknown fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

The ability to use your programming language skill into different domains can help you feed your curiosity and easily change domains whenever required.

When Popularity Meets Demand

As we have already mentioned, JavaScript is highly paid language. There is also a huge demand of good JavaScript developer in the market. Most of the demand is in the web development market, but you can also get a good response from other domains due to its versatile usage.

Reasons To Master JavaScript

With a clear understanding of the popularity and demand of JavaScript, let’s dive deep into core reasons a programmer should master JavaScript. By mastering JavaScript, you are opening yourself to opportunities that you might have missed earlier. Clearly, the reason to master a programming language can differ from person to person, and that’s why we will try to find objective reasons to master JavaScript and stay away from the subjective viewpoint as much as possible.

WordPress, the World’s Leading CMS is Moving towards JavaScript: Have you heard about “WordPress moving towards JavaScript? Yes, the most popular CMS on the internet is going to embrace the power of JavaScript slowly.

Matt Mullenweg asked everyone to learn JavaScript deeply. He is the creator of WordPress and understands the importance of JavaScript right now. However, WordPress will not completely transit to using JavaScript, but will heavily use it in the frontend. You can read, “Clearing the air: Is WordPress being rewritten in Node.js and React?” to understand the role of JavaScript in WordPress.

JavaScript is the backbone of the Web: JavaScript is the backbone of the web. It’s true that you can create a website without using JavaScript, but that will be a dull experience for the end user -- no animation, no form helpers and so on. To make a website or web app completely functional and user friendly, you must use JavaScript.

You can check, “21 top examples of JavaScript” to know what you can do with JavaScript. There is no limitation whatsoever. Your creativity is your tool to make the most out of JavaScript.

JavaScript has one of the Best Ecosystems: A programming language popularity depends both on its feature set and its ecosystem. JavaScript is lucky when it comes to the ecosystem. Thousands of JavaScript developers constantly work towards the tools, frameworks and open source projects to make JavaScript what it is now.

JavaScript ecosystem enables a developer to make the most out of his skills. You can create an application using front-end development tools, CLI tools, GUI tools, back-end tools and much more. The diverse ecosystem is what makes JavaScript a great programming language to pick up.

You can read, “Overview of the JavaScript ecosystem” to know more about its ecosystem.

JavaScript is easy to learn and master: JavaScript can be a great programming language for beginners. If you love learning and like web development, you are good to go. There are tons of online resources which you can use to learn JavaScript. You can also see other developers work on JavaScript projects., a live-learning platform enables anyone to watch other experienced professionals working on a real-world project. Premium JavaScript projects that are aimed at intermediate audience are also featured on LiveEdu. So, it is worth checking it out.

You can also check out, GitHub repository that lists good JavaScript learning resources.

How to master JavaScript

Now, let’s look at some ways to master JavaScript. If you think that we will go into the nitty-gritty of JavaScript and share some code snippets with an explanation, you are wrong! We will try to tackle the question in a more generalized manner so that everyone is benefited.

Learn Passionately: How eager and passionate you are about learning JavaScript? If you scale it 7-9 out of 10, you are in a good position already. Clearly, many developers are not passionate about their learning, and this is where most of the problems happen.

You need to be passionate about what you are learning. JavaScript might be one of the easiest languages to get started with, but it is hard to master. Without dedication, passion and the urge to learn, it is hard to go far with JavaScript.

Stream your learning process to get instant feedback: Learning anything requires constant feedback. If you are not getting feedback or getting slow feedback, your learning speed is affected considerably. You can get feedback from a senior JavaScript developer or just stream your learning process on is a live-learning platform where you can stream your projects and get access to an amazing community. Check it out yourself.

Check out codeHatcher from San Francisco, US who has heavily invested in his healthcare app for doctors. The app uses JavaScript heavily.

Build projects and document your experience: You might have heard it that building projects can give you better learning experience. The same is true in the case of JavaScript. To fortify your learning, you should also document your day-to-day activities. “Blog Projects” by is a good way to document your experience and also interact with other learners and developers who can only help you gain the upper hand. They provide “Project Diary” where you can add a new post to write down your experience.

Take advantage of online courses and other resources: The internet is full of resources for JavaScript. If you want to master JavaScript, you need to take advantage of the resources available online. You can get started with the online courses from different MOOC provided, such as Udacity, Coursera, eDx. You can also check other important resources when it comes to JavaScript. For example, GitHub awesome JavaScript resources, 10 priceless JavaScript resources, JavaScript Learn page, etc. You may also want to check out popular JavaScript blogs and follow them for more information.


If you have taken the decision to master JavaScript, congratulations as you will reap the benefit of the move in the coming years. JavaScript is already big and will expand in the coming years. Its ubiquitous presence is already felt in the industry and among the developers who are into web development. It is slowly having an impact on other major fields such as AI, VR, and AR.

So, what do you think about the points discussed in the article? Comment below and let us know.

Note: I'd like to make clear that I don't work for, but know many of these guys and love watching their work.

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stephenwilson profile image
Stephen Wilson

Some contradictions here: "JavaScript is easy to learn and master" is followed shortly afterwards by: "JavaScript might be one of the easiest languages to get started with, but it is hard to master." So is it easy to master or hard to master?

JavaScript is a language that you either love or hate. Personally I think that it gets a huge improvement in usability by utilizing TypeScript instead and it allows you a compilation step so there is less of a chance of a nasty surprise at runtime. It's "popularity" is driven by the huge demand for web based content and the lack of competing languages so it has no real competition.

damianlwolf profile image
Damian Wolf

Hi Stephen, the whole article is actually based on the next statement: "JavaScript is a language that you either love or hate." Excellent points and comment with a real value. Regarding competitors and popularity... I think Python has chance, but we'll see about that.

davelnewton profile image
Dave Newton

JavaScript is easy to learn and master.

Nothing is easy to master; JS is one of those things.

There are more terrible JS programmers than any other language precisely because it's really easy to learn the basics, then completely implode in today's modern JS environment, which requires more than just basic language skills. It's an entire non-trivial ecosystem.

postproductio13 profile image

Gone through the complete blog, written properly. I also found a similar blog on the importance of JavaScript in UI development and web design. Giving a link, you can read

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Digital Edge Institute

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alebianco profile image
Alessandro Bianco

"Message sponsored by the Javascript Consortium"

damianlwolf profile image
Damian Wolf

Exactly hehe, who is the responsible for finances in JavaScript Consortium to send an invoice? If you know the answer, we can split the profit. Anyway, thanks on sincere feedback, silence after publishing articles is killing me.

lluismf profile image
Lluís Josep Martínez

JavaScript is one of the finest programming languages.
There's a saying, if a million flies eat shit it doesn't mean that shit is good.
JavaScript is a hack.

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