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I think many people can relate to learning some tangential web dev from NeoPets in 2001! I mean, my shop was pretty flash (Though curiously didn't use Flash).

I later managed a fan page about my best friend and myself (the most narcissistic thing I've done to date) in about 2005.

I finally took a formal class at university on web dev in 2009!


Very nice! :)
What technologies besides for html and css did you learn?


Bit of Flash, bit of Java, if I recall. I was a GeoCities expert too, of course 😏 I was very limited by being one of the only kids working with an Apple (Macintosh) computer. So I preferred anything with a GUI such as photoshop. In these days, Linux/Unix was a dark-art because documentation was hard to come by for a kid. Or at least, I perceived it as such. I was almost scared to use the Terminal for fear of fdisk.

I was also somewhat interested in information security, which when you're 11 is also called "hacking your friends." Can't recall the tactics deployed at the time though, probably a bit of fuzzing and phishing.

Pretty cool stuff! I also enjoyed and did a lot of stuff with java, it helped me a lot for javascript today, which i use all the time

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