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In what year did you learn Web Development?

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How long ago or in what year did you learn web development?

I started getting into it seriously in 2015, so its been 5 years only. I've always had a passion for design so when I was introduced to it in school I just couldn't get my hands of it!

Let me know when you first started and what motivated you to start in web instead of other types of programming.


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Started in 2nd year, just for fun. Developed interest, started building projects, 20+ personal projects ,2 internships, 15+ free projects for needed, 10 freelancing projects. Graduated few days back.

Motivation - Giving something back to the community which can add some values in their lives.


Hey, I am also learning web development and I have practiced a lot of individual concepts in HTML, CSS & JavaScript but I am a little lost about how to implement all those concepts together into a project. Do you have any tips?


I personally recommend to have a look at others open source code of similar kind of projects. Get out of your comfort zone and start building projects that you see around you. You may or may not be able to implement fully but you will learn a lot. I would love to help if you need anything else. You can reach out to me at pankajtanwar510@gmail.com and for projects reference you can head over to my GitHub repo - GitHub.com/Pankajtanwarbanna


i can help you out if you like. Send me a PM :)

I would be glad if you helped me too 😁
How can I reach out to you

I actually did it already 😂, check your mails


very nice man! Keep it up :)


Around 1999 - 2000. Got started with Angelfire/Geocities websites centered around Dragon Ball Z. It was a lot of fun learning HTML/CSS back then! 😃


Started in 2017 so ya Im still in a junior role. Its just been 3 years but I feel like I've been learning a lot. I've never been so absorbent than these few years. Being developer requires me to have important skill: never stop learning, learn fast, learn right


I feel the same ! Since I decided to focus and go deep into It, i've never been so absorvent and productive as nowadays. Never stop learning is definitly the Key!


Very true I most definitely agree!


1998 and every year since. I was in 8th grade on a media course where the teacher put me to do some HTML since I was known as the computer nerd guy. My CSS skills started to improve greatly around 2004 when Firefox 1.0 was released. Before that you couldn't really tell what you'd be getting, you'd just mess around with the properties and values until things looked about right in every browser. And you'd make most of the layout with tables anyway.


wow firefox 1.0 thats awesome ! :)


1998 I volunteered to build my company's web page. There were discussions about do we need a menu, what does it look like and where do we put it?
Everything was so new, there were no guidelines. We thought a hyperlink was very cool!
I got myself a copy of HTML for Dummies, and got to work!
I felt like a pioneer, and have loved working on the industry ever since. :-)


I started out the same way, built a website for my company but way later in 2015 :)

I imagine everything was so new back then its a totally different game today


Somewhere around when microsoft frontpage was a top software for creating websites :D


Lol that sounds like a while back!


Yep. And nothing from that time is useful anymore, so i wouldnt say development can be learned... its a process.

Haha well I'm sure not everything! But I get your point :)


~ 2002 or so. I was in junior high and my friend introduced me to Geocities. I had an interest in computers, and programming in theory, but I didn't have a computer at home or any idea about what programming was. Geocities made html and websites accessible, and I could do it from school computers, friends' houses, anywhere! 😄


Thats a while back! Very cool :)


Yeah, I was just a kid. My first website was about fantasy sports.

Nice, mine was about music :) but like only 5 years back :p


1996 web.archive.org/web/19961219060900...

I started as was a way to make a bit of pocket money really. The only really "other" type or programming around at the time that was accessible was C, and I tried my hand at some stuff on FreeBSD, but it was pretty hard going as a start. I tried PERL, but found the syntax pretty hard going. PHP/FI 2.0 was released about that time and I switched to that. Used that for a while until I discovered Python in 1999 and have been using that ever since. I started a web development agency in 2000 That I ran for about 15 years building intranets on an Open Source application platform called Zope and subsequently a content management system called Plone.


nice background! Quite early too i might add.


Around late 1999 - early 2000.

Got a new PC with Windows 98 and a book about HTML. Didn't use CSS. JS was already a thing that time mostly used for replacing mouse pointers with awkward effects.

I designed with tables, no CSS. Slicing designs using Macromedia Fireworks.

Good times.


Nice stuff. I always enjoy hearing from people who started out almost at the time these technologies were born :)


I think around 1998. I have a degree in graphic design and did some work on interactive cd catalogs using Macromind Diriector before Macromedia bought them. I've always been a computer geek at heart and wrote a text based choose your own adventure game when I was around 12 on a Commodore 64. I even used some of the silly graphic shapes to build some simple drawings in it. Good times!


Very interesting background man! Thanks for sharing :)


I think many people can relate to learning some tangential web dev from NeoPets in 2001! I mean, my shop was pretty flash (Though curiously didn't use Flash).

I later managed a fan page about my best friend and myself (the most narcissistic thing I've done to date) in about 2005.

I finally took a formal class at university on web dev in 2009!


Very nice! :)
What technologies besides for html and css did you learn?


Bit of Flash, bit of Java, if I recall. I was a GeoCities expert too, of course 😏 I was very limited by being one of the only kids working with an Apple (Macintosh) computer. So I preferred anything with a GUI such as photoshop. In these days, Linux/Unix was a dark-art because documentation was hard to come by for a kid. Or at least, I perceived it as such. I was almost scared to use the Terminal for fear of fdisk.

I was also somewhat interested in information security, which when you're 11 is also called "hacking your friends." Can't recall the tactics deployed at the time though, probably a bit of fuzzing and phishing.

Pretty cool stuff! I also enjoyed and did a lot of stuff with java, it helped me a lot for javascript today, which i use all the time


Iam really focus at programing in november 2019 today is still my 1st year, i know my age not younger to start im currently 30years old, and I have never been to college, after i built some cryptoproject and build startup i get failed, lost my 90% money, then i changed my self from ceo to cto (this is my target) .
Now im working with full javascript, using vue is very usefull, small framework and focusing on front end.
Currently im done with : 3 html&css project, 3 static vue js project, really full integrated 2 vue js project, and 1 vue js native .

My target in 1 year im learninf node js, now im success build expressjs api but i think i will move to fastify js


I started on web around 2 months ago
The situation was like this :-

I was getting in python when I leaned about Django . I leaned from there the routing methods then I thought of to create my Portfolio. For that I learnt web development


I was trying for a couple years but really became active once I made progress with Javascript in 2015. That was a great time for js and web dev. For years prior it seems like a lot of things were up in the air, especially for things like package managers, transpiling, bundling, etc. However, there's still a lot of things that are fast moving and constantly evolving. Once ES6 was just about ready - things really started to take shape for me in web dev.


It was 2001. I had just quit my previous job and the dev technologies I knew were years out of date. The dot.com bubble had passed its peak but was still around and web dev jobs were available. I figured "I can do that".

That's not to say I only do web dev programming. It's just one of several types of programming I do. Middle tier and persistence tier work, which may or may not support a web based UI take up just as much of my time. I've also been known to do embedded dev, and would do it again if required. I'm a developer, not a web developer. There's no need to limit yourself to the web domain,


Very interesting thanks for sharing!


1998 👴
I started by exporting a Word document to an HTML page, and was puzzled that I could use a browser without even having an Internet connection.
During one year, I wrote HTML with Notepad and/or Frontpage without even having an Internet connection :p


I started for real in 2014, I made my First system in PHP, was a bad system with a lot of mistakes. But in 2016 I got my First job in a startup using Laravel. I have only 4 years of real experience. I never stop tô think about It 🤯


Nice stuff! I just started larval a few weeks ago btw :)


Late 90s, I forget exactly when but it was in the glory days of Geocities and Netscape Composer


I started my web development journey in 1982 seen a lot of stuff come and go. Word of advice take the hype of new technologies with a grain of salt


I started learning it in 2015 during college when I took my interactive media minor. Ever since then I have loved web development and continue to learn and grow my skills.


very nice, best of luck Sarah! :)


2011 html5 was new, also css3, flash still had a lot of pull, jQuery was THE framework and javascript was nowhere near what it is now. Its much much better now.


Good times! Its crazy how web technologies changed so fast


Started in 2018 but fell off. Started back in 2019 and I got into Kenzie academy. I just received my front end cert in April. Working on my full stack now in which I’ll receive in October


I started some html and css in 2014, but only got serious in 2015


Probably around 1998 - aged 22. I was doing mainly Visual Basic at my job at the time, but some of our projects started going online so I started doing web stuff


I started in 2015 as well. It was when I joined a Company to be a web developer. My motivation was the love that I have for javascript. I've always had passion for web apps.


I started it in April 2020
And have done around 2 projects till now
And now Iam creating my own blog website

But I still need help at some places
And then Google comes into my mind 😂


i really want to learn in high school but i dont have time then in my third year after graduated i learn about it step by step and now is my 7 year in software programming


i started on high school, then i realise it is a future.