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Develop your own code generator in five minutes

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This article is short but full of sincerity

You can read it in less than 2 minutes

Then there is a high probability that you will be amazed

It turned out to be so simple to develop your own code generator

Tips: This article is a continuation of "The new generation of code generator". If you don’t know what ncgen is, it’s best to read "The new generation of code generator" first

Daniel: Brother Egg, after the last time, according to the method you taught me, I configured a code generator that fully meets my needs in a few minutes. It is really powerful and simple.

Mr. Egg: Just do it, I admire your hands-on ability

Daniel: Thanks. But I came again with a question today

Mr. Egg: Waiting for a long time

Daniel: I hung up ncgen-config.js in the cloud, and my friends complained that the command was too long to remember when using it:

$ ncgen
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Look, is it a bit long? Do you have any good suggestions?

Mr. Egg: Of course, ncgen has already prepared a very fascinating plan for this

Daniel: What fascinating plan? How charming is it? Tell me quickly please

Mr. Egg: That's it - Rapid development of your own code generator through ncgen

Daniel: Wo~, it belongs to me, it sounds cool. How to do it?

Mr. Egg: Suppose we want to develop a code generator now, let's call it vue-ncgen-demo-cli, guess how many steps to get it?

Daniel: I guess, just one step.

Mr. Egg: This is a bit too much, I can't do it, goodbye

Daniel: Just kidding, Brother Egg, just say it

Mr. Egg: Let's go three steps

  • Step 1: Generate code generator project
$ yarn create @ncgen/app # npm init @ncgen/app
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  • Step 2: Write the code generator logic

Find ncgen-config.js in the generated project and modify this configuration file according to the logic of your code generator

The sample configuration is here:

Here is a tip. When you need to add sub-commands, in addition to copy and paste, you can actually do it more elegantly through sub-commands.

cd vue-ncgen-demo-cli
$ yarn create @ncgen/app add-sub # # npm init @ncgen/app add-sub
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  • Step 3: Release to the world
$ npm run release
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Daniel: It's over?

Mr. Egg: Yes, it's over, it's that simple

Daniel: How should my friends use this code generator?

Mr. Egg: Very simple, the example is as follows

# Installation
$ npm i vue-ncgen-demo-cli -g

# Execute the main command to generate the scaffolding project
$ vue-ncgen-demo-cli

# Execute subcommand to insert code
$ vue-ncgen-demo-cli add-component
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Daniel: Perfect, I can’t wait to develop my own code generator

Mr. Egg: Looking forward to your feedback

ncgen github: [Please star it]

ncgen documentation:

Keywords: ncgen, scaffolding, generator, code generator

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