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reassessing the registrar after a domain expired

I was trying to reactivate a domain for all extensions .com, .org and .net. They were disabled after missing a payment.

I asked IONOS(former 1and1) what's price and they said:

  1. 19.98$ for paying the reminder balance
  2. 25$ for reactivating:
.com    --      $1.00 first year, then $10.00 per year
.org    --      $12.00
.net    --      $12.00

Total                     $25.00
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Then I discussed with them on chat and was a bit agressive of why they ask me to pay another 25$.

Next, I've told them I'd like to go to another registrar and they happily gave me the transfer codes.
But I've realized:

  • is an american registrar, I'd prefer an european after seeing Trump in USA the totalitarian measures taken in regards to Huawei. What if USA suddenly decides to do this for other things as well, applicable maybe for europeans only
  • they have higher prices for the offer:
    • domain .com cost 2$ more - 12$/year vs 10$ on
    • email costs extra 2$, is free
    • SSL costs extra, is free

And eventually I returned to live chat but this time they said I'd have to pay 34$ to reactivate, because they did a mistake in initial offer(maybe I'd have paid just that if I didn't raise my voice though...but again it's my fault for being a bit aggressive).
They were right because the 1$ is for first year and this is a reactivation of an old it makes sense I should pay the 10$ for it.

So all in all, best not to start comparing registrars between themselves and let them know.

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