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Do you know WebRTC?

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Are you sick of bad web conferencing? Feeling the "zoom fatigue"? Be a part of the SOLUTION!

We have a USA-based developer/tester opening at Immersitech (https://immersitech.io). We have developed a next generation spatial (3D) sound engine for web conferencing, distance learning, and gaming. This is a local (Rochester, NY) or remote USA-based position.

This role will involve working on client-side WebRTC and SIP applications that interact with a wide variety of host collaboration applications, as well as creating adapters to host systems to interact with our sound engine.

  • JavaScript, ES6+, Typescript, Python, HTML5 with embedded media, JSON, XML
  • Experience with C/C++
  • React/Hooks, JSX, RxJS, Node, Meteor, Electron, Angular
  • OS experience with Linux/Ubuntu, Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and associated browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
  • Git, GitHub
  • Using and developing secure REST-based APIs and secure websocket applications

Other skills:

  • Audio software engineering experience a plus
  • Additional consideration for development experience with communications platforms such as (but not limited to) Freeswitch, Slack, WebEx, Zoom, MS Teams, Big Blue Button, Blackboard, Twillio supporting multi-party collaboration/learning.
  • Strong documentation and communication skills
  • Experience with automated testing platforms

If you think you have the skills, and want to be a part of a growing startup, let us know! Email us at hiring@immersitech.net

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