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Discussion on: What's your experience on monetizing DEV posts?

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David Dal Busco

Funny that you ask, good timing 👍.

I totally had forgotten about this and then suddenly, a week ago on Oct. 16th, I received four emails in a row from Uphold 😉.

All in all I made 0.49 CHF (0.54 $).

I have set up the feature by curiosity, because the articles remain public and the concept is really interesting.

I cross-post on Medium behind Paywall and make around the cost of one or two vinyls a months there.

I also cross-post on my website, public content, no ads, no tracking.

Results are different but cool to me in their different ways.

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Madza Author

Medium to me seems like a vast ocean and pretty harsh for new content creators. You surely need to know what you are doing there to get started from the ground up. Involves lots of research on which publications to post, lots of interaction to get a stable follower base, high impact of other social media to bring new people in, etc... Tho there are lots of writers who make a good living out of it. 😉