CSS Overview for Chrome

debs_obrien profile image Debbie O'Brien ・1 min read

CSS Overview for Chrome is a great feature that lets you check what colours and fonts you are using on your site. Sometimes we don't realise how many shades of grey we have. Having a panel in the dev tools so that we can easily check this is pretty cool.

It also checks what media queries you have and any unused declarations πŸ‘€.

CSS Overview

To set it up:

  • open dev tools
  • click on the settings icon
  • click on experimental
  • select CSS Overview
  • close dev tools
  • reopen dev tools

You will now see a new panel in your dev tools called CSS Overview.

This feature is experimental and might change or even better, might improve over time. Enjoy


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Oh! That's good to know. I activated it and it works great!
I thought it would allow me to see which font was being rendered when selecting text. I've taken the habit of opening Firefox devtools for that.
Update: I've just noticed that this information was actually provided in the tooltip when hovering HTML elements in Chrome.

I'm also looking for the enhanced CSS Grid support in devtools 😍


Thanks for the quick tip! πŸ˜€