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Discussion on: New Experimental Feature: "Target Experience Level" for Posts

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Dmitry Yakimenko

Cool! I was looking for a way to prioritize more advanced content, like putting a zero or a negative weight on the beginner tag, but I still get plenty of entry level stuff in my feed. I think it's also due to beginner tagged articles getting more attention, unicorns and hearts so they bubble to the top. And though it's a different problem, but DEV still has a way to go in attracting more technically advanced content creators. Hopefully this feature will help with this. I got a feeling from a couple of Reddit comments, that what is getting in the way of people reading and blogging on DEV is the lack of advanced topics and bigger focus on beginner webdev stuff.

Great work, DEV. Keep it up 👍

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Ben Halpern Author

Yep, interestingly I think there has never been a lack of advanced stuff per se, but it has a tendency to be overshadowed by beginner stuff due to popularity of that content.

Some other sites have the reverse problem where nothing is beginner friendly.

There will still be a lot of tuning to this but it should go a long way to making things super awesome.