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S8:E1 - The Many Benefits of Learning in Public

Since CodeNewbie is doing a learn in public challenge this month, in this episode we talk all about learning in public with Gift Egwuenu, Frontend Developer, and past CodeLand speaker on the topic of learning in public, and Shawn Wang aka Swyx, head of developer experience at Temporal Technologies.

Show Notes

Gift Egwuenu

Gift Egwuenu is a Developer and Content Creator based in the Netherlands, She has worked in tech for over 4 years with experience in web development and building tools for help. Her work and focus are on helping people navigate the tech industry by sharing her work and experience in web development, career advice, and developer lifestyle videos.

Shawn Wang (Swyx)

Shawn Wang is a writer, Speaker, and a developer advocate. He helps developers with devtools cross the chasm (React + TypeScript, Svelte, Netlify, now Temporal), as well as helps them to learn in public.

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