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S9:E1 - Using Design Patterns To Improve How You Architect Web Apps

In this episode, we talk about using design patterns to improve how you architect web apps, with authors of the book, Learning Patterns, Lydia Hallie, Staff Developer Advocate at Vercel, and Addy Osmani, engineering manager at Google working on Chrome.

Show Notes

Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani considers himself to be an occasional JavaScript Janitor, who cares about improving user-experiences on the web. He is also an engineering manager working on Google Chrome at Google, focused on web performance and tooling.

Lydia Hallie

Lydia Hallie is a software consultant (JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, Serverless, AWS, Docker, Golang), international speaker, course instructor, and tech influencer with a great passion for coding.

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