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Episode 428 | Zayne Turner - Joyful Perspectives

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Zayne Turner talks with Dave Rael about art, technology, learning, perspectives, people, motivations, and joy

Zayne Turner is a Principal Developer Evangelist with Salesforce. She focuses on helping developers gain the resources and skills they need to solve their toughest problems and build applications they can be proud of. She started working in technology and learned to code while working in the arts. Her past lives include poet, ghostwriter, developer, systems administrator, password resetter and keeper of all the batteries, and technical consultant. She is a fan of all foods, pie over cake, and coffee at all hours.

Zayne's book recommendation:
Zayne's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Think about people
  2. Think about why
  3. Make sure that human part of your brain is alive - what you are doing should provide joy

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