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Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

This is a weekly roundup of awesome DEV comments that you may have missed. You are welcome and encouraged to boost posts and comments yourself using the #bestofdev tag.

A job well done, @debugagrawal! This is a huge milestone for sure!

I learnt and implemented that how to fetch an self created API in JS using 'async await'
and was able to display content of API on UI using react component.
It felt great because First time I was able to connect frontend with backend 🚀🐧🤗

Great response to the "What are the fastest sites you visit daily?" thread, @karandpr.

Thanks for all your help with the DigitalOcean App Platform Hackathon on DEV so far, @chrisgetsbetter — and for your developer advocacy work 👏

Hey everyone! My name is Chris and I'm the founder of and a Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean.

Excited about this hackathon and the things we'll all build! Let me know if you have any questions here or catch me on Twitter.

This is a fantastic "weekly win", @maulik 🩸 ❤️

I donated blood :) It made me happier and satisfied

Really appreciate this thoughtful, measured response by @jhilgeman about whether or not it's possible to age out of coding abilities.

I've been coding for just under 30 years. From that experience, I can say that you can't really "age out", at least not like that.

There will probably be languages you learn that you will mostly forget after about 5 years. I haven't touched a drop of Miva or Coldfusion since early 2000 (and hardly any Perl or VB), but it used to be most of what I wrote in.

There will be some languages that you just enjoy even if they're not the best. You know those guys who get paid big bucks because they're the only ones who know how to write COBOL anymore? Yeah, it's because they've continued to write it because there's still demand from large companies who have old systems. The larger the company, the greater the chance they'll still have some pretty old systems that still need maintenance or a knowledge of how to export data from them.

More than all that, you'll develop a knack for technical UNDERSTANDING as you continue in dev. Anyone can learn and memorize syntax but knowing how something works means you can write BETTER code than some fresh-out-or-college youngster who earns 1/5th of your salary.

These days I typically charge about $150 an hour for consulting work, and I know there are developers out there who charge a fraction of that, but it'll take them 10 days to write what I can do in 1 day and their code will be full of bugs, scalability issues, and security vulnerabilities, whereas I understand all of those areas and so people keep coming back to me because I just do a better job in every way (so I get to build cool new stuff all the time). I know that sounds like personal bragging but it's something most developers acquire over time by learning from their mistakes. It's just natural progression.

See you next week for more great comments ✌

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Thanks for your comments this past week, @debugagrawal , @karandpr , @chrisgetsbetter , @maulik , and @jhilgeman ! 🎉

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Deepak Vijay Agrawal

Hey thanks,
didn't saw this coming 🥳👨‍💻✨

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Karan Gandhi

Congrats everyone!