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The portfolio that you linked is all over the place. I don't mean to be rough but here's my thoughts:

  • Are you a company or person looking for a Jr role? You use "we" often and list services but then also have an "About me".
  • Your "work" section is very hard to read.
  • Why is the code backgrounds Python? I didn't see anything about knowing Python.
  • Your site scrolls side to side. If you are selling yourself as a frontend dev, it's a bad first introduction to your work. It's a very visible bug and is easy to fix.
  • One of the links to your past work is dead.
  • doesn't seem to be an example. It's just a very hard to read Mailchimp form.
  • It's unclear what you actually did on the accountant's website. It's a downloaded WordPress theme and the "Events" page is just a PHP error log.
  • The "Defender" game link is a broken link. Trying to view it as a HTTP link, it's a 404.
  • What's the story with the coffee cups?
  • Looking at the portfolio, I don't see anything you've done. It's largely examples of copy-paste or downloaded Wordpress themes.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll take into account that. There are something's you mentioned I noticed recently like the dead links. For some reason the one for Windows defender keeps dying so I'll probably just make a shareable link on Google drive or something. Then the first page listed was taken down by the client for unknown reasons. In any case I'm rebuilding the website in a way if I need to make a change is easily made.

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