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Diky Hadna 💡
Diky Hadna 💡

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I Build This Simple Youtube Repeater for You

tl;dr Check the Youtube Repeater at

As the title says, this mini-product will help you to repeat a single Youtube video for you over and over. All you need to do is copy the video URL and paste it into this page, and this mini-product will do the rest for you!

Why I build this?

I sometime like to listen to a single music, based on my current mood. There are some alternatives to play repeatedly, but most of them are browser extension (desktop browser) which do not meet my requirements.

So, what if I want to play on my mobile device, let's say, in a night camp beside the bonfire with my son? ⛺

With my Youtube Repeater, you do not need to install anything. Just open your browser, paste your favourite Youtube video URL, and enjoy!

An important note for mobile device users

Due to limitations/restrictions on mobile device, your song would be stopped if you minimize the browser. If you are using mobile device, please keep your browser open and do not lock your screen.

Alternatively, you can use Brave browser, which I also use, and go to Settings → Enable "Background Video Playback", then request Desktop Site, and proceed to enter the YouTube video URL.

Have fun, and I hope you have an enjoyable experience!

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