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re: Hey Dennis, posts here on should contain actual substantial content, not just be intended to promote your hiring process. We have a separa...

Oh well, I haven't got enough credit to post that listing. 😕

I gotta check out, if my company is willing to pay for it.

Should I delete this post?

Hey Dennis,

No worries!

You can leave this up as is, but just keep Listings in mind for the future as it is the most natural place for these kind of posts.

I realize that's not entirely obvious considering the available #hiring tag, but we've evolved the site and just haven't nixed this tag.

Anywho, do consider checking out DEV Listings. We feature all listings on the homepage in the righthand sidebar and we tweet them out via the @DEVListings twitter handle, just to name a couple of perks.

Oh and also perhaps you should take a look at the forhire section of Listings — you might find a good candidate there!

Awesome, thanks. Yeah, the hiring tag was what confused me. 😊

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