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DevOps/SRE Fulltime Dortmund, Germany

dploeger profile image Dennis Ploeger ・1 min read

About Us

Hey! We're a nice little team devoted to consult and support our mostly e-commerce-focused developer teams with DevOps-related hot stuff like automation, containerization, orchestration and cloud technologies.

About The Opportunity

We're searching for a new team member, that has either an ops background and dev interest or vice versa. It's a permanent, full time job offer located in Dortmund, Germany with partial home office possibilities.

We know that we probably can't find someone, who has all skills denoted below, but if you're open and interested in learning new things, you might as well fit in.

Skill & Qualifications

German and English language skills are required.

For the rest, please check out the official job offer on our website.

How To Apply

First, check out the official job offer on our website and then apply online right there.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section.


Editor guide
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Robin Kretzschmar

Hey Dennis,

posts here on should contain actual substantial content, not just be intended to promote your hiring process.

We have a separate area for such offers: listings.
Please use listings for posts like this.

Here are some more details how listings work and what they are aimed for:

Thank you.

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Dennis Ploeger Author

Oh sorry. Thanks

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Dennis Ploeger Author

Oh well, I haven't got enough credit to post that listing. 😕

I gotta check out, if my company is willing to pay for it.

Should I delete this post?

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

Hey Dennis,

No worries!

You can leave this up as is, but just keep Listings in mind for the future as it is the most natural place for these kind of posts.

I realize that's not entirely obvious considering the available #hiring tag, but we've evolved the site and just haven't nixed this tag.

Anywho, do consider checking out DEV Listings. We feature all listings on the homepage in the righthand sidebar and we tweet them out via the @DEVListings twitter handle, just to name a couple of perks.

Oh and also perhaps you should take a look at the forhire section of Listings — you might find a good candidate there!

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Dennis Ploeger Author

Awesome, thanks. Yeah, the hiring tag was what confused me. 😊