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Supabase and Firebase pricing comparison

dshukertjr profile image Tyler ・3 min read

As part of their launch week, Supabase team has announced their pricing model.

We will be comparing the free and pay as you go tier today in this article to see the direct comparison of Supabase and Firebase in terms of pricing.

Since Firebase offers two databases, I have chosen Cloud Firestore to be the one to be compared to Supabase database, as Cloud Firestore is more widely used than realtime database these days.

Free tier

First, let's look at the free tier comparison:

Supabase Firebase
Database 500 MB of storage
Unlimited API calls
1 GiB of storage
Network egress 10GiB/month
Document writes 20K/day
Document reads 50K/day
Document deletes 20K/day
Auth Up to 10,000 Users Unlimited
File Storage Storage up to 1 GB
Transfer limits up to 2 GB/month
Storage up to 5 GB
Transfer limits up to 1 GB/day
Upload operations 20K/day
Download operations 50K/day

For me, free tier is not that important, because it would be mostly used only for testing or very small scale personal projects. Both products are sufficient enough to get up and running without paying a penny.

With that being said, Firebase does have an advantage here in all products except API call limits for database. The difference in file storage pricing is the most significant, when building file storage intensive apps, it might be something to keep in mind.

Pay As You Go

Now let's look at what really matters, the pay as you go plan:

Supabase Firebase
Database $0.125 per GB of storage
Unlimited API calls
Network egress
Document writes $0.18/100K
Document reads $0.06/100K
Document deletes $0.02/100K
Auth Unlimited Unlimited
File Storage Data stored $0.021 per GB
Data trannsfer $0.07/GB
Data stored $0.026/GB
GB downloaded $0.12/GB
Upload operations $0.05/10k
Download operations $0.004/10k

Firebase has more complex pricing structure, so it might be hard to compare numbers at first glance.

Supabase would be significantly cheaper in terms of database, as they have unlimited API calls. Being a Firebase developer, I always had to make sure I am not making too many API calls so that I do not receive a crazy huge bill. Not anymore with Supabase.Even with the database storage alone, they are cheaper, but Firebase will charge you for every API calls you make. In addition to that, Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL database, which means you probably want to denormalize your data inside your database, which means just more cost in database storage.

Auth is a clear tie as they both offer unlimited usage.

For storage, again Supabase is the winner here, as they have cheaper price for both storing and transferring data. Especially the difference in data transfer fee is significant, which is great news for me who is about to launch a video sharing app.


To me, and for most people, pay as you go plan is pretty much the only thing that matters. I was not only relieved, but super excited that using Supabase is going to reduce my monthly server cost for my applications. There are so many reasons why you should be using Supabase already, but this pricing model is just another reason why you should use Supabase.

If you want to read more about how Supabase team came up with this pricing model, here is an blog post they published about the thoughts they put into it.


Firebase pricing
Supabase pricing

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thanhlm profile image
Thanh Minh

Do we have any comparison in performance, scaling between Supabase and firebase?

dshukertjr profile image
Tyler Author

In terms of scalability, I would say relational databases are far more scalable than NoSQL database.

Here is an article comparing Supabase and Firebase

thanhlm profile image
Thanh Minh

I’m not asking compare the speed of sql vs nosql. What I mean is compare the speed in large scale between Firebase and Supabase which many thing will effect that, not just because it build from sql or nosql

awalias profile image

a great write up, Tyler! Thanks for this

ascarbek profile image
Askarbek Zadauly

Great! I'm so unhappy with firebase storage pricing right now. Just recently got a surprise bill from google. Will definitely checkout supabase