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Ghostfolio meets Internet Identity

Ghostfolio, the web-based personal finance management software, supports passwordless authentication as of now thanks to the integration of Internet Identity. This blockchain authentication system enables you to sign in securely and anonymously to Ghostfolio. With this latest update, Ghostfolio is ready for Web3.

Track your portfolio without being tracked

To avoid the security issues that arise with password authentication on the traditional web, the Internet Computer blockchain by dfinity has introduced a new cryptographic authentication system. It is called Internet Identity and is as convenient to use as Web2 OAuth ("Open Authorization") providers like Google Sign-In or Facebook Login.

How to use Internet Identity?

Internet Identity is based on the WebAuthn protocol and uses secure cryptographic authentication. It provides three options to authenticate yourself:

  • The built-in biometric authentication methods of your smartphone or laptop (fingerprint sensor, Face ID, Touch ID)
  • The password or pin to unlock your computer or mobile phone
  • A security key plugged into the USB port of your computer

When you authenticate with Internet Identity, the service only gets a dedicated pseudonym rather than sensitive user data like the email address or phone number. This preserves your anonymity and prevents you being tracked on the Internet.

The key benefits in a nutshell

  • Authenticate yourself securely without the need of an email address, username, or a password: all you need is your device to log in.
  • Built-in recovery mechanisms to ensure you are not locked out of any service that requires the Internet Identity.
  • Log in to various Internet services without being tracked by big tech companies.

If you would like to provide feedback or get involved in further development of Ghostfolio, please get in touch on Twitter @ghostfolio_.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thomas from Ghostfolio

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