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Day 240: Control

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Ahhh after doing so well yesterday, I get stuck on something that was working last week. I was able to create a new demo for my blog post that uses one of the company's products and the Web Component I created. This will be the second framework I'm using with the same Web Component doing a different function. I want this series to showcase how a developer can use one Web Component in different frameworks instead of having to remake them each time.

  • Personal : Last night, I edited the recording of the last radio show and submitted to the station. Went through some tracks and worked on my side project. Did some layout work for the chat room and called it a night.

Aerial view of the snow capped mountain of Aconcagua, Argentina

Going to spend the rest of the night finishing up the blog post. I really want to get it done. Been taking way too long. haha Hopefully this one demo will start working randomly at some point. The joys of using the latest version of frameworks you don't control haha.

Have a great night!

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