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Day 341 : Circles

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・1 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a few meetings today, filled out a few forms. One of the meetings involved going to a pretty large codebase that I'll be taking over. It was like 2 hours. haha I had to take a break for the rest of the day and do some networking on Twitter.

  • Personal : Last night I did some coding on my side project then fell down a rabbit hole of tabs and how to make them accessible. haha Thinking to clean up some UI elements and make some space, I'll put things in tabs. I always like to look up things in documentation sites like MDN to see the best practices and that's when I started my rabbit hole journey. Then I had to think about how to integrate in Svelte. Got tired then went to bed.

View of the Golden Gate bridge from the shore in San Francisco, California

Going to put some more work into my side project. Really want to get this thing out there soon. Hopefully in a couple of months. It's starting to feel like I'm going in circles. I always say I'm going to watch an anime and never do because I'm coding. haha. That's it. Back to the code.

Have a great night!

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