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Day 395 : Starting To See

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Whew... I thought Monday was meeting heavy. It had nothing on today. Like 3 hours of meetings straight. It was good to see everyone. Got some cool stuff coming up. I was able to refactor the code for a tutorial using a new version of an SDK. Going to sit down with the engineering team and go through the code to make sure everything is how they would do it. Yeah, I'm tired. haha.

  • Personal : Last night, stayed up late and got screen sharing working in the video chat for both the admin dashboard and user section. I even refactored the code in the dashboard to allow me to unpublish and republish the video and screen sharing elements. I think that's going to really help make the layout of the broadcast and archive recordings much easier to handle. When I did something similiar for a previous project, it was a pain to get it working. Hoping this is much easier since I don't have to do anything custom because I'll be able to turn on and off different elements instead of trying to hide them. Oh and I finally got a change to set up my new laptop. Pretty nice!

A forest with lush redwood trees and in the middle, a tall waterfall running down a grey mountain in Yosemite Falls, CA

Tonight, I want to refactor the user side of the video chat so that I can control when to hide and show their elements kind of like how I did for the dashboard. Luckily there is a signaling feature that I'm pretty sure I can use. Otherwise, I'll try and get it done through Firebase. As matter of fact, I go with the Firebase option since I think I can get it working faster. My goal is to get broadcast and archiving working. That means, get a live stream playing on the website and YouTube and getting the archive video uploaded to Vimeo at least. May be another late night, but I'm starting to see it coming together. I haven't worked on putting together this week's radio show yet.

Have a great night!

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