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re: Hey Stephanie! What kind of roles are you looking for and did you have a different career before you started coding?

Hi Jess! Looking for front-end or full-stack javascript roles in NYC/NJ. Really just looking for a great team & culture, otherwise I'm pretty open. And yes, I did have a prior career! I was operations manager for a small finance startup – I pretty much wore all the hats, but found I mostly enjoyed the techie ones. Eventually I decided to stop pretending that I wasn't born to be a coder :D Really enjoying the journey! How'd you get started?


I worked in marketing for a while, then did some business analyst stuff at a startup, took a fullstack bootcamp, and then ended up working as a product manager. Now I let myself code at least once a week on the codebase :)

Keep us posted on your job search! We might have some roles opening up here soon.

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