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Review my Portfolio?

eblairmckee profile image Blair McKee ・1 min read

Hey guys! I just rebuilt my portfolio in React and would love to get some feedback.

Check it out here

I added a dark mode toggle using the Context API and had a little too much fun with the 80's vibe. Let me know your thoughts on the design and presentation of my work.

I've also recently redone my resume, any suggestions are appreciated. Here's the Google doc


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It’s nice, but for the “Check out my work” section:

  • A reset button for the filter would be nice;
  • The flip animation is flaky:




Ooh good idea about the reset button! Thanks :D I'll work on the animations.


I think you can fix the animation by moving the transform from .card:hover to .portfolio__item:hover > .card.

I don’t know why why the back of the card disappears in Safari after the animation ends, though.

Worked perfectly :) Thank you! And no issue in Safari now.
I'm so curious why it didn't work the first time, it must be something about during the transition the cursor is not hovering over the card, but still the portfolio 🤯

Yes, since the animation was on the element with the :hover pseudoclass, its bounds were changing as it was rotating, making it basically dodge the mouse pointer, especially if you approached the card from the side.

That is a great thought experiment for teaching CSS animations... I may use this in the future ☺️ thank you


The night mode is such a cool transition! It's well rounded, it has lots of different aspects! There is just one thing that I'd change, which is the portfolio section. When you hover over an image you get the technologies, but it took me a minute to figure out how I could see the full website, so maybe make the whole element a link instead of just the "See live version" text?

Anyway, it looks amazing and I'm jealous of your skills!


I considered making it a link, but worried people wouldn't know to click it. I'll try a version like that. Thanks for looking 😊


Well I'm impressed. Very cool night mode transition. I never would have thought of doing it that way. I like how you show what you're learning. It shows that you're curious. I like how you've arranged your work history, and the unique 80s look of the site. Very cool.

Your resume looks great! Good job on keeping it at one page by using two columns.


Thanks for looking at my resume, too :D It was nearly impossible getting it down to a page. I've never modified a document so many times in my life.


I had a little trouble parsing the Google Doc. I think one page is a good goal, but two columns is hard for me at least to read. I started putting your info into a JSON Resume format...which I think will help you with formatting and updating your resume. Best of luck!


what a great idea! thank you! and I ended up getting the job :D just hit my 60 day mark