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Blog post 12 Compound & Complex Conditions

In today's blog, I decided with the help of my mentor Gino, I needed to go back to understanding Ruby a bit more because I was having a very difficult time with Ruby on Rails. Sometimes you have to take a step back...

The learning goals for this specific lesson I was working on were as follows,

  1. Explore the Truth Table & the Precedence
  2. Practice expressing & evaluating complex conditions
  3. Practice making parse trees

The truth table was easy to understand in the ADA curriculum because of an example they gave. I flipped that using my own experience in Djing. If I need to dj at an event I would need my turntables and mixer. This is an && (and) example. Understanding the truth table and precedence is like understanding what goes in order as far as executing a math equation, well that is how I try to comprehend.

I have learned that operations that have a higher precedence in the operations are evaluated before the operations with the lower precedence. This list from highest to lowest in precedence form helped in understanding how this operates.

```true && true # => true and true is true
true && false # => true and false is false
false && true # => false and true is false
false && false # => false and false is false

true || true # => true or true is true
true || false # => true or false is true
false || true # => false or true is true
false || false # => false or false is false```

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Ricardo Maya

This is great man. The blockages suck but it's good to see that you realize this and took that step back. Good work man keep it up!