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I was still a fairly inexperienced developer, when I had enough of my current job. Not a great situation, but that's a story for another day.

So I went to interview in a few places, one of the places I applied was a medium-sized web agency (from a Danish pov), which seemed to implement some cool project.

The interview was in two parts, first a technical screen with one of their tech leads. This part of the interview went extremely well, and we had good chemistry. He seemed like a cool guy and the project they were hiring for sounded exciting.

Then came the second part of the interview, which I'm still dumbfounded by to this day. It was the CEO and founder of the company, who wanted to have a chat with me. It was a personality/cultural fit check, I guess, but after having a small chat he quickly skewed the conversation to be about his perception that I was autonomous and disliked authority with leading questions like, "you don't like authorities, right?"

I assume he made these assumptions about my personality based on my look. Which was punk and goth inspired, but I never dared going all-in on that :P

In hindsight I'm happy I was still naive and inexperienced, so I didn't get angry or annoyed at him. Something that wouldn't have benefit either of us. If I had been more experienced, I would have been able to answer the questions in a way that would diminish his assumptions, but I wouldn't wanna work there anyway.

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