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6 Tips for Laravel Performance Optimization

From complex APIs to simple web apps, Laravel can be a one-stop PHP development platform for your business. The set of libraries and architecture that this framework provides, make it easy to build amazing sites using well structured and beautiful code.

However, to build such apps, your Laravel developer should know the tweak and tweets for utilizing the power of this framework and enhance performance as well.

Now in this article, we are going to discuss 6 performance optimization tips for Laravel developer.

1. Config Caching

Laravel provides an exceptionally interesting command, Artisan Cache Config that is very helpful in boosting performance.

php artisan config:cache

2. Routes Caching

Routes caching is an essential optimization feature, particularly for apps with a lot of routes and configuration. The routes cache is a simple array and helps in speeding up Laravel performance because of faster loading of the array.

php artisan route:cache

3. Object Cache

Caching the results of the queries that are frequently run is a great way of improving Laravel performance.

4. Eager Loading

Laravel makes it easier for programmers to work with multiple databases and perform common database operation by providing Eloquent object relational mapper (ORM). Eloquent affects the performance of Laravel applications by adopting lazy loading approach.

5. Database Chunking

If you are quering very large data from the database, then Chunking is very important. Using this you will reduce memory usage when working with large data.

6. Assets minifying

Compiling all assets in a single place might end up with a huge size file. As a result, this practice will not allow our application to benefit from the proposed compilation. Therefore to resolve this issue, we can minify our assets using Laravel Mix.

npm run production

I will also recommend to use Laravel Page Speed Package, it compresses page as well.

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