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A better code Quick Look

elvezpablo profile image Paul ・1 min read

While trying to figure out how to get Quick Look working in Catalina (still working on that one). I found some great tips on installing plugins for additional features here sindresorhus/quick-look-plugins.

Here's the 3 simple steps for getting code to render and check out the above repo for more.

One Prerequisite

brew is suggested to install the plugins and is required for this guide.

Three Steps for Catalina

Step 1: Install the plugin(s). There are many more if you poke around.

brew cask install qlcolorcode

Additional removal of quarantine attributes steps for Catalina

Step 2: List the attributes you will be removing with

xattr -r ~/Library/QuickLook

Step 3: Remove the attributes

xattr -d -r ~/Library/QuickLook

Try it out by clicking a file and hitting the spacebar.

Quick Look Preview

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