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re: Understandable that you're worried regarding your credit card information. The site is Open Source so you're free to look around the source code an...

My problem is not with, I know is stripe handling the payment, but I don't want to hand my card details to any more provider... I am very strict with who as my card details.

Also I know that Stripe is used a lot in US, but I am not in US and where I live PayPal is more than enough for my needs.

Try in that case. And if you're worried about Privacy, open another account where you transfer a limited amount of money from your primary account and it should be well protected.

Primary Bank -> Secondary Bank Account/Card -> Privacy ->

Understandable @exadra37 , I've made a request on the github page for paypal support, hopefully it can be added soon!

Hope to be able to be one of the first to subscribe with PayPal :)

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