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hugo__df profile image Hugo Di Francesco ・1 min read

Did you know dev.to had a paid membership program?

I had to dig around the GitHub issues to realise there was one and it unlocked post analytics.

It's not super promoted, you can access it at https://dev.to/membership.

Then just click the following:

level 1 membership: beta features

It unlocks some extra goodies (beta features) for just $1/mo, most of us can afford that.


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I would love to pay the $1 membership but I am not willing to give my credit card details :(


Understandable that you're worried regarding your credit card information. The site is Open Source so you're free to look around the source code and look into how transactions are handled, I believe its mainly handled In this section of the code (might be wrong) but they're using Stripe for all services that require payment, I've used Stripe on numerous projects and can vouch that your information will be secured.


My problem is not with dev.to, I know is stripe handling the payment, but I don't want to hand my card details to any more provider... I am very strict with who as my card details.

Also I know that Stripe is used a lot in US, but I am not in US and where I live PayPal is more than enough for my needs.

Try privacy.com/ in that case. And if you're worried about Privacy, open another account where you transfer a limited amount of money from your primary account and it should be well protected.

Primary Bank -> Secondary Bank Account/Card -> Privacy -> Dev.to

Understandable @exadra37 , I've made a request on the github page for paypal support, hopefully it can be added soon!

Hope to be able to be one of the first to subscribe with PayPal :)


(A non-accusatory translation of deleted's post)

"I think I can help. If giving credit card details is a concern, I have some ideas for how to contribute financially that should address most safety concerns.

  • use a pre-paid card for the $1 per month.
  • verify the code on the dev.to to see if it's proper Stripe or PayPal etc code and meets safety standards.
  • get a low limit card to use for online purchases. My wife and I do this so we don't have to stress if it gets compromised.

Your concern is a valid one, and I definitely feel like there are plenty of options to explore if one really wants to contribute."


That's the way to go when addressing others, no matter if in the internet or in person.

I need to see if I can get a service in UK that provides one off credit cards.

Limited credit cards can be an option but still means that if you get them compromised you will need to go to a lot of trouble with your bank and card issuer regarding unauthorized use of it... Ask anyone who had to go through this several times and they will tell how pleasant is.



In a vein of actually being helpful here, have you checked out something like privacy.com? That could be a good option for paying for a membership here!


Hey, we feel that you're being a bit aggressive in your comments here. It doesn't seem like you're making an effort to be empathetic and considerate towards your fellow community members. Fundamentally, this behavior is not consistent with our Code of Conduct, and we're removing your comments.

If you'd like to get in touch with us, please send an email to yo@dev.to.


You still have bad words in your post, BTW.


These I guess :
That's bull...
Don't be soooo ingenious...
Drop deadead from the common cold leave Dev.to...
so we never give a darn about if it's...
then find a frivolous excuse. It's... it's just wrong.

That's the tone you used in your comment.


...Your tone was rude, guy.


Stop being rude, please.


Thank you, will subscribe cause honestly this site is terrific and we need something other than Medium (yuck!) for dev posts and community.

Why the hell is this so hidden? At least tell us: "See analytics for your posts, $1/month subscription"

Edit: Now I'm subscribed!


It unlocks some extra goodies (beta features)

Like what?


Number of views per post in your dashboard. That's the main one at the moment.


That alone is worth it! There's also a Video upload feature, but I never tried it.


I love it - worth supporting what they do.


This is a bit old now, but was membership discontinued or does subscription page live in another URL now? dev.to/membership leads to 404.


Not sure, I think it might have been discontinued, haven't got charged since May.