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re: I would love to pay the $1 membership but I am not willing to give my credit card details :(

Understandable that you're worried regarding your credit card information. The site is Open Source so you're free to look around the source code and look into how transactions are handled, I believe its mainly handled In this section of the code (might be wrong) but they're using Stripe for all services that require payment, I've used Stripe on numerous projects and can vouch that your information will be secured.


My problem is not with, I know is stripe handling the payment, but I don't want to hand my card details to any more provider... I am very strict with who as my card details.

Also I know that Stripe is used a lot in US, but I am not in US and where I live PayPal is more than enough for my needs.

Try in that case. And if you're worried about Privacy, open another account where you transfer a limited amount of money from your primary account and it should be well protected.

Primary Bank -> Secondary Bank Account/Card -> Privacy ->

Understandable @exadra37 , I've made a request on the github page for paypal support, hopefully it can be added soon!

Hope to be able to be one of the first to subscribe with PayPal :)

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