August 22nd Side Project Checkin

fastflowz profile image Dakota Lewallen ・1 min read

Hi y'all! 👋

Hope you had a good week. It's Saturday. It's freedom. Any plans to work on that one project that's been on your mental shelf? Getting ready to release an update? Let us know down below!


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This week, I started Nummz. A foodie community based around recipe sharing. Here lately I've been having a lot of fun jumping into the home cook world, but every recipe site I've found has been super bloated with ads. They also tend to not give the authors a whole lot of credit, instead opting to brand it as the "site's" recipe. Which being an open source developer, bugs me a whole lot. I'm hoping to provide a provide a space for people to share and admire each other's work when it comes to recipe development. Admitadly I have an idea for a software solution, but I'd like to prove that people are interested in the concept first.


Nummz sounds interesting! Recipes are something that friends/family used to share with each other all the time, and now we all just go look online. Seems like some of that community has been lost in the transition.


That's a lot of my motivation. Cooking is such a communal thing, but now days in the golden age of "connectivity" there's so little in the way of connecting.


Been working on some network speed improvements for Preferr today. I noticed I was loading some extra data that I didn't actually need and then went on a hunt for more of those types of bloated queries. Also working on finishing up my first ever blog posts.


Good luck on the post. Personally I wouldn't sweat the first one too much. The way I see it, doing anything for the first time is like riding a bike. More than likely you're not gonna do well, but give it a few goes and you'll get it down for sure 👍