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I like this. Concise and definite. I also thought it might be interesting to point out that being a senior software engineer is not always about the code. Sometimes, it's about the little advice and notes, the recommendations (do this because "xyz", don't do this because "abc"). It'll be dismissive to ignore the fact that senior engineers generally influence how younger engineers think or view a lot of computing concepts or problems. Explaining the philosophy behind why a number of things are the way they are [plus the kind of reasoning process that led to them] and challenging newer software engineers to make life all much more easier for all of us is one of the other things senior engineers should consider engaging junior engineers with. All in all, I am considering actively mentoring this year, concept?[Mentoring helps us all in the end] Lovely article nonetheless. :) [P.S: It's 2:32 am over here and I just shared this link with a mentee]

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