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Discussion on: Any other scanner personalities here?

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Félix Paradis

Before getting into software I've been a: Cameraman, Video Editor, Circus Technician, Cook, Farm Worker, Driver, English Teacher, Sailor, Acro Yoga Instructor, Slackline Retail and services... amongst other things.

I've only been in the software world for 3~4 years now, and I'd say the ever changing nature of it kind of keeps me on my toes. I also feel like I could go deeper and deeper in many aspects of software and explore other fields within the field for at least 2-3 lifetimes.

But, yeah, the occasional desire to go start a farm or whatever does get a hold of me every now and then. I think it's normal. If you're here, you're curious.

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Anja Author

Hi Felix, wow that's so awesome that you have experiences in so many jobs! 🤩 And I agree that coding has so many possibilities and intersections with other subjects that it keeps being interesting. :)